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Summer band expression of interest

Summer Band will be a mix of adults and young people, For those of you with a musical child, grandchild, etc... perhaps a fun opportunity to play together. Here are some details

Are you interested in joining summer band July 2019 (we may play into the first week of August if we are asked to join the Sunfest Parade)? The number of rehearsals you would attend in a normal week (I am sure summer commitments will make attendance different for everyone) The day/time for rehearsal that would work for you Your instrument (and if you have another one I could ask you to play)

Cost for summer band for the month will be $20 for 10 - 20 hours of rehearsal if we are in my home. If we need to rent a space the cost may go up slightly to ensure the rental is covered.

At this time I have not acquired a rental space…I may take the same approach as I did with the beginner band program this year…rehearsals at my home with a pre-sign up…for our comfort (and our ears) I will be limiting attendance to 15 at a time…then, before the actual concert(s) we could rehearse in my back yard as a full group, weather permitting. If I have a huge response I will get a space for us to use.

This reply does NOT commit you to a summer group, but it helps me determine if we can take the concert commitment as well as if I need to find a rehearsal space for the group.

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