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Bandfest play list and questions

Hello there,

On Wednesday we will run our Bandfest playlist again, in order, to ensure it works well.

2:41 Hogan’s Heroes

2:44 Jazz Chaconne

2:06 Newcastle March (no repeats)

3:35 Legend of Billy Miner

4:45 Walking to the Sky

4:15 Serengeti

3:00 Skyfall

2:15 Joseph (this is the one we drop if over time)

2:30 Toccata Rhapsodic

~ 28 minute play time and allow 90 sec. between pieces (12 minutes) to have a 40 minute set. If we are running out of time Joseph goes and that gains us 3:45

I plan to do very little talking at Bandfest…just enough time to allow people to change pages and percussion to do any movement required for the next piece.

Speaking of percussion, Michele is away on June 24th, so two drummers I have worked with (Ross and Brandon) have agreed to attend our June rehearsals and play at the band concert. As well, Eliana is learning the baritone folder to help out as Karen’s injury is continuing to flare up and limit her baritone playing.

I am very excited to see you all Wednesday night. Are we going for coffee night afterwards? Are we going to have a potluck in the park after Bandfest? Can you come to White Spot after Crofton? Please reply to the link here

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