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bandfest details

HI everyone,

Please be in the Green Room which is INSIDE the Ladner Community Center by 4:10. Please warm-up with the chorale book (# 1-4, 6,7) then tune. Please make the walk to the stage AS A GROUP at approximately 4:40. Maybe some has a wagon to carry music folders and other small items to the stage? Please help will those carrying large instruments (Natalie, Beth, Peter and Luke, Hilary, Patrick, Hallie). This will give you about 25-30 minutes to set up the rows (Seating like we have in the band room), find music stands (already provided - no need to bring your own), sort out enough space for the larger instruments, get percussion organized, set up your music, take your seats, check sight-lines (view of conductor), etc. Please note that you must not warm up or tune during this time, as the Delta Music Makers will be performing on the other stage. All warming up and tuning must be done in the Green Room.

Note: be prepared to skip Joseph if time is running short.

Think MUSIC (music; uniform – black bottoms, white or shirt colour that matches vest, vest, hat; s = sunglasses and sunblock; instrument/supplies; c = clips….super important if it is windy)

The following players will need their spaces set up for them as they will be on stage with DMM

Olga = bass clarinet Hilary and Elaine = 2 altos Sherry = tenor (sitting in for Susan)Judy = French horn Michelle = percussion Bob = baritone Brenda - conductor


Front row 6 or 7 4 clarinets, 2 or 3 flutes

Second row 13 1 horn, 6 altos, trombone, baritone, bass cl, 3 tenors

Back row 8 5 trumpets, 2 basses, bari sax

Percussion 3

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