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almost final Bandfest list...please view

Full playlist is now 36:33…which one is the one to cut to take us to 33-34 minutes??

2:41 Hogan’s Heroes (tv show theme) upbeat

3:35 Carmen (classical opera) varying tempos

2:06 (no repeats) Newcastle March (March) march

2:44 Jazz Chaconne (light jazz) upbeat

3:35 Legend of Billy Miner (aural story) fast

4:30 March Slav (classical) upbeat

4:15 Serengeti (African tonality) varying tempos

4:45 Walking to the Sky (concert band – movie theme grandeur) should be upbeat

2:14 Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat (musical theme) slow then fast

3:00 Skyfall (movie theme) slow

2:30 Toccata Rhapsodic (concert band – march like) upbeat

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