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Fall 2018 line-up

The votes are in 😊

Here are our non-Christmas pieces based on your votes and rankings:

A concert Celebration (19/21 votes)

Dorian Haiku (18/21)

Walking to the sky (16/21) ** this one did not rank as high but got a large number of the votes**

Newcastle March (15/21)

Flower Duet (14/21)

The Christmas music is all in EXCEPT Christmas-Singalong…we will work on that one for next year

Please email if you have any questions


Dec 1 Steveston…our smallest ‘group’ with 18 confirmed…I will ask if any of the youth can help us out as that puts us down in some sections to only one per part

Dec 19 Crofton

Dec 23 Tsawwassen Mills…also a smaller group, but hopefully a few Maybe’s will convert to yes votes

Remember NO BAND this week

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