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weekly update

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new member in the trumpet section, Max 😊

Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers for Michael. His surgery is tomorrow and I’ll update you post surgery as we know more.

Thanks for coming out to either our band, the high school’s event, or both tonight.

Thanks for the great patience with each other as we read through some new pieces and played parts with some familiar sounds missing.

Tonight we played

#20 – 27 in EE 2

Mamma Mia



First Suite

Walking to the Sky

West Side Story

Part of Birth of Rock and Roll

Next week we will finish our sight reading ‘first round’ with

Michael Jackson Hit Mix (which has four songs in it)

Please bring your voting sheet with you (sent a few weeks back) and write comments as we read Michael Jackson and anything else you want in the folder.

That sheet will then be handed in at the end of rehearsal (on the 14th) or you can email it to me if you prefer, and I’ll take your votes in to consideration as we create the spring folder between the weeks of Feb 28 and Mar 7

I hope you all have a great Family Day long weekend.

Thanks for all your support for my family during this time…


Brenda Khoo 🎶🎼

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