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Concert Volunteers needed

Hi there,

I need volunteers to help this event run smoothly and on time – warmup 6:15 – 6:25 in Green rooms…please do not play/sit in the sanctuary until we seat at 6:25…seating 6:25…start with O Canada 6:30

Please reply to me if you can take on one of the ‘jobs’ below

  1. MC – Hallie Rockel

  2. Donation box supervisor – before the concert Alia Khoo…after the concert an adult please (as everyone is leaving the sanctuary)

  3. ‘info’ sign-up sheet – one person (youth or adult) who can sit beside the donation person and get names/emails for anyone interested in summer band/fall band…and hand out business cards/band photo cards

  4. Food table coordinator (helps lay out food…ensures that no food is added to/removed from preschool fridge and only our food is taken out from the two tapestry fridges if we use them)

  5. Drinks coordinator (sets up a station with the cups, any drinks…one urn of coffee, cream, sugar, tea supplies, and then anything people bring)

  6. Supplies coordinator (deals with paper plates, napkins, forks etc.)

  7. Green rooms – one person from each band (each group gets a warmup room) who is comfortable not being in the sanctuary until near concert time…you will help guide others to the correct warm-up room and help with warming up with the chorale book and tuning…you don’t need to tell anyone what to do per se…just ask the band members to all play chorale 1 at say 6:15 and then they can go through 1-4 and then at 6:20 ask them to tune

  8. Greeters – two people (can be kids) who will stand at the front doors and help direct people…band members to hallway where warm up rooms are, guests to sanctuary, food bringers to the correct tables, where the washrooms are

  9. Stage set-up – a crew of about 10 who will help set up chairs, the podium, sound system (under Thano) and the audience chairs…takes quite a bit of moving around to flip the rows to face the back of the church

  10. Poster/sign creator – I would like to have a sign that says “band info”

  11. Is there anything I have forgotten???

Brenda Khoo 🎶🎼

Conductor: Brass, Wind and Wire

Conductor: Vancouver Regional District (VRD) Community Band

Band, general music and Humanities teacher: Richmond school district

Music is the medicine of the troubled mind.

Walter Haddon (1516-1537)

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