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Concert Dress Code - Tapestry Church

Hi everyone,

I just found out that there will be a professional photographer attending the concert as a guest and he has asked to take pictures of the event for us.

I know I originally said dress code was ‘nice casual’.

At the risk of being irritating, I am going to CHANGE that to say concert dress…

Black bottoms (shorts or skirt or slacks or dress) and one of the following tops:

VRD…coloured solid

Beginner adult….white solid

BWW…our vests with any matching (longer sleeved) shirt…(the t-shirt does not fit well with the vest)

Black shoes and socks (or no socks)

It will be the first time that we will have planned photo taken of the groups…we will have the groups STAND on the church stage at the end of the concert…please do this BEFORE socializing/cleaning up at the end of the concert.

Kids first, as BWW will be staying to practice

Have your instrument for the picture (or drum sticks if a percussionist)

Kids photo (unless photographer advises differently)

Back row...drums, tbones, bass, tsaxes

Middle row…alto, bscl, tr and Sherry

Front row…flutes and clarinets

Beginner adults

Flute/Clarinet/Oboe front row

Everyone else second row

BWW…as the photographer instructs

Brenda Khoo 🎶🎼

Conductor: Brass, Wind and Wire

Conductor: Vancouver Regional District (VRD) Community Band

Band, general music and Humanities teacher: Richmond school district

Music is the medicine of the troubled mind.

Walter Haddon (1516-1537)

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