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June concert updates

Updated concert list for JUNE 14 – at the CHURCH

Thanks to Ed and Hallie for opening their home for our Wed. night bands potluck dinner and movie night.

Thanks to everyone in all 3 groups who came to Bandfest today to listen, to help out, or to do both…it is ALWAYS more awesome to play when there are friends in the audience.

The new set list has pieces removed from each group…it may still be too long, we’ll know when we time everything on Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesday night we are back in the band room.

We will have three guests in BWW…Ross on percussion, Eliana on trombone, Orrie on flute; please extend your usual warm welcome 😊

I have a seating plan that I will send tomorrow…this is for JUNE 14…please try to sit close to this formation in Wed. bands this week to practice with the change in sound.

Thank you

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