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Concerts and other really important dates

Concerts and other really important dates

VRD community band plays June 12 indoors at the Maples at 3:30

All three bands play June 14 indoors at the church at 6:30 Carey Wang, will play a song on the grand piano as well à IMPORTANT does BWW want an hour rehearsal post-concert (9:00 – 10:00???)

VRD community band plays indoors June 19 at Shannon Oaks at 7:00

BWW plays outdoors June 21 at Crofton at 7:00 (Beginner’s no rehearsal that night…feel free to join us in Vancouver for our concert) à White Spot booked for post concert dinner/appies/desserts

** concert attire***

June 12/19/21 black shoes, socks, pants/skirt, solid coloured (no logos) top

  • BWW on the 21st please have a shirt that matches the vest and wear your vest for Crofton

June 14…dressy casual (the church gets HOT)…solids or prints but no logos please…no flip flops either…due to the mass band seating, everyone please be on site by 6:15 at the latest in case we need to make any adjustments…decorum (not playing until asked, not talking once concert starts) will be even more noticed given the size of the full ensemble…remember O Canada and School Spirit (# 167/#152) in Yellow EE 1 book

June 14th concert…bring appies/desserts to share and we will have a social afterwards (maybe a short one if we opt to rehearse some more).

Think MUSIC (music with song order//uniform//stand//instrument//clip-on light and/or clips for wind) before going to concerts

Summer Band starts June 25

June 28…mass rehearsal…beginners, BWW, summer band members 6:30 – 8:00 and then let’s have appies/sweet treats in the band room to welcome the summer band members in to our group

July 2 – Aug 2rehearsals for summer band

July 29 summer band performs at The Tapestry church (at mid day!!!)

Aug 7 summer band performs at Sunfest in Tsawwassen (in the morning!!!)

Aug 21-22 sight reading clinic at the Hellenic Community Center (on Arbutus in Vancouver) (Long and McQuade)…register at

Aug 23-24 sight reading clinic at Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey (Tapestry)… register at or phone 604-538-0906 and ask for Greg ($20 to cover lunch if attending the full day on Thursday)

Brenda Khoo 🎶🎼

Conductor: Brass, Wind and Wire

Conductor: Vancouver Regional District (VRD) Community Band

Band, general music and Humanities teacher: Richmond school district

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