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Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you to the set-up crew…you make the show possible (seriously!)

Thank you to Thano for sound and tech!

Thank you to the clean-up crew…you ensure the church welcomes us back

Thank you to the beverage people…I need my coffee (ha ha) and the tea was clearly well liked

Thank you to the food table people…for putting out, organizing and cleaning up

Thank you to Shannon for organizing the gift table…you helped ensure everyone got their cards and goodies…those of you who were not at the concert; I’ll bring the cards and the gifts to January’s session for you to choose (unless I gave it to you ahead of time)

Thank you to the music sorting ladies…you save me HOURS of work (there will be a call put out to file music and then create next term’s folders…I will do this the week AFTER Christmas; it is in my home and it is an all day event (you can come and go as fits your schedule)

Thank you to everyone for the gifts…if you did not get to see the beautiful music platter, I will take a picture and send it out (but not tonight, ha-ha)

To everyone who brought guests…Woohoo…everyone I talked to really enjoyed the concert

To everyone who brought family (yes they are guests too)…thank you for your support

To all the parents…thanks for driving your children hither and yon for rehearsals and concerts

To all the musicians…thank you for your energy, passion, commitment and most of all sense of humour and grace…I truly love working with all of you

Bits and pieces

1) Glass bowl left behind (had grapes in it)

2) Behringer cover found…is it anyone’s

3) Eye glass case that says ‘newworld’ was found

4) Purple ‘pilot brand’ .7 mm pencil was found

5) Black serving plate (hard plastic) was left behind

Talbots tomorrow…if you can’t go in between 1-4, if you go in later and say you are connected to the Brass, Wind and Wire fundraiser, they will honour the 10% of sales to the band(s). I am going in for 6:00 (after work).

I am planning to not send any email until the folder party call, but if you need to get in touch with me, please do email me J

I look forward to seeing many of you starting the week of Jan 9th, 2017 J

…with a heart full of gladness, in a life that is richly blessed, I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and healthy and happy 2017

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