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Crofton Song Order

Hi everyone,

Planned concert line up for Crofton…if there are errors or omissions email me gently to let me know please J

Dress…black pants, shoes, socks; band vest; white or vest complementary top; Santa hats etc.



(music, uniform, stand, instrument, clip on light)


#9 2 x (chorale book)

# 13 2 X (chorale book)

Saxophonic Boogie (saxes can sit)

Noel Night

Cecilia (start at bar 4)

Chant de Noel

All Aboard

Edelweiss (in Broadway Favourites book)

Secret Passage (note we have taken out the four bar drum solo)

And all the bells shall ring (note we have taken out the two bar drum solo) ****this is the piece we will take out if it looks like our timing is going to work out as it is very high pitched and I worry about that in a small space***

Rights of our Nation

Tranquil Sky

Sound of Music

Toccata Rhapsodic

Remember we have White Spot afterwards

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