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Great Rehearsal!

Hi everyone,

Great rehearsal tonight. Two concerts…Dec 7 Crofton…afterwards there is a social at the White Spot a couple blocks East…map etc. to follow

Dec 14 at Tapestry church…concert starts at 6:30…BWW would be on after Beginners and HL

We looked at Bb in I Recommend

We played Secret Passage with a focus on Dynamics

Nimrod with a focus on speed

Saxophonic Boogie with the saxes standing

Tranquil…just ran (lovely!)

Christmas Truce with drum machine

Next week:

Bb in I Recommend (a couple exercises…arpeggios and intervals) and then Symphonic III 7 and 8

Rights of our nation

A Holy Night

All the Bells

Who wants to live forever (this piece may need to move to next term??) – Dec 14 only if this term


Also please always work on pieces that are only on Dec 14

Toccata (with HL band)

Sound of music (with HL)

#9 and #13…possible mass with students from the elementaries and HL

All Aboard (mass band all players)

Chant de Noel (mass band all players)

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