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Important Updates

Hi everyone,

Great rehearsal tonight…Autumn Leaves is sounding more together each week J

So, here is what we played/did

Played up to # 19 page 5 of EE 2 (next week # 19 – 25)

Examined Symphonic Warm-ups book structure and played a couple of chorales to hear the harmonies

Played/worked on: Autumn Leaves, Chant de Noel, All Aboard, Toccata Rhapsodic, most of Sound of Music

Next week:

EE work

We will use I Recommend Bb concert materials (sent previously) and Symphonic section III #7 and #8 as our preparation

Secret Passage (Bb concert)

Nimrod (Bb concert)

Saxophonic Boogie (Bb concert)

Tranquil Sky (Eb concert//C concert//Eb concert)

Christmas Truce (F concert)

If any adults wanted to sit in in the Home Learner band we meet 4:00 – 5:30 on Mondays at the Tapestry Church (9280 No 2 Rd)…please let me know ahead of time. We are in need of flute/oboe, trumpet and alto sax, but all players are more than welcome J

The last section is an action item…

We have had just over half a term with the 1 ½ class (versus the 2 hour class in the past)…my boss is about to have registration for the winter term (if he has not done so already). I need to know if you want to stick with the 1 ½ hour class or if you wish to return to the 2 hour format. You can email me this answer…majority will decide this (assuming it is not already too late for this term).

See you all next Wednesday

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