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Reminders for Nov 2 rehearsal

Hi there,

1) Super busy night at DSS…plan to park at the back if you know how to get there or arrive early (though that probably won’t help)

2) We are in the theater….floor is super sensitive…lift chairs and stands (ask for help if needed please)…nothing on stage that is not essential…please bring condensation clothes

3) BWW we will look through the Symphonic Warmups book to see how it works so that we can use it in future rehearsals

4) Please help move the drum parts…SNARE drum, stool, cymbal and maybe a high hat (ask Chris)…remember to lift on stage and/or lift to remove

5) Greg is absent so other people please help with set-up

6) Karen is absent so we will not play Who wants to live forever this week…it will be done on Nov 9

7) Thank you for letting me know if you are going to be absent.

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