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Christmas Concert Date Change

Hi there,

I will need an answer to this question on Wed. night from adults and via email and/or next Monday from HL band.

Dec 14 the high school is not easily available due to their own Christmas concert. The church is rather costly. We can go into the new theatre (Genesis) if we do the joint event on Dec 15. However…the one drawback is that it is a full stage and so not as casual as the ‘open house’ concept. The advantages are 1) great seating/viewing/acoustics 2)free 3)we could have our social in the band room after as we have in the past (assuming it is done otherwise in the cafeteria) 4) easier to do mass band groupings.

The two factors for voting

1) Attendance (sufficient numbers in each section)

2) What the Adult Beginners are comfortable with as this is their ‘open house’/first public performance

I will take a vote in class on Wed. (send the question to HL via email)

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