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Sheet Music that should be in your folders

Here are the titles that should be in your folder…please check that your parts EITHER match exactly the number on your folder OR match the ‘spec sheet’ I sent via email for parts when you have a folder that is 2nd or 3rd of a part…

  • All Aboard

  • And all the Bells shall ring

  • Cecelia

  • Chant de Noel

  • The Christmas Truce

  • Nimrod

  • A Noel Night

  • Rights of our Nation

  • Saxophonic boogie (there is an error in the trumpet part in second ending…change the half rest to a quarter)

  • Secret Passage

  • Sound of Music

  • Toccata Rhapsodic

  • Tranquil Sky

  • Who wants to live forever?

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