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Welcome new members and guest.

Welcome to Michael and Eunice on clarinet, Roger on baritone horn and Ellie on bassoon,

Welcome back to Gaspar on tuba, Jay on bass guitar (next week), Judy on French horn and Loretta on cornet

Welcome to our ABC graduates Laura and Daniel on flute

Thanks to Margaret our guest pianist for Richard’s jazz/concert band combo piece Autumn Leaves

A great second night of reading. You now have the full winter concert folder. From now until the end of October after warming up we will work on everything (4 pieces per night) and then we will prune pieces if there is a need. We will go through the folder alphabetically so All Aboard, And all the bells, Autumn leaves, Chant de Noel are up this week.

Here are the titles that should be in your folder…please check that your parts EITHER match exactly the number on your folder OR match the ‘spec sheet’ I sent via email for parts when you have a folder that is 2nd or 3rd of a part…

  • All Aboard

  • And all the Bells shall ring

  • Autumn Leaves

  • Chant de Noel

  • The Christmas Truce

  • Nimrod

  • A Noel Night

  • Saxophonic boogie (there is an error in the trumpet part in second ending…change the half rest to a quarter)

  • Sound of Music

  • Toccata Rhapsodic

  • Tranquil Sky

  • Who wants to live forever?

** we also always have ‘Broadway favourites and EE songs if we need to switch to other charts or if we don’t have enough material **

If you are missing anything, or have the wrong parts…PLEASE let me know at rehearsal on Wed…anyone who left me notes for this week I will have your corrections for this rehearsal. As well I have the book order almost finished so those who ordered materials will receive a personal email confirming book titles and cost.

Love ya guys…so thrilled to be back with you for our sixth season J

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