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Great first rehearsal - help needed with sheet music - website info

Hi everyone,

Great sight reading session last night…I am VERY excited about the upcoming term.

Welcome to Amanda Chamberlain on alto sax!

Welcome back to Jay Yoo and Richard Kunz!

Welcome to our ABC graduates, JiJi (trumpet), Ted (trombone), Neil (alto sax) and John (tenor sax).

Thanks to Olga and Iain for their willingness to pick up new instruments to help out the band’s sound.

…and of course…welcome back to all our ‘regulars’.

Here are the titles that should be in your folder…please check that your parts EITHER match exactly the number on your folder OR match the ‘spec sheet’ I sent via email for parts when you have a folder that is 2nd or 3rd of a part…

  1. All Aboard

  2. And all the Bells shall ring

  3. Chant de Noel

  4. The Christmas Truce

  5. Nimrod

  6. A Noel Night

  7. Saxophonic boogie (there is an error in the trumpet part in second ending…change the half rest to a quarter)

  8. Sound of Music

  9. Toccata Rhapsodic

  10. Tranquil Sky

  11. Who wants to live forever?

If you are missing anything, or have the wrong parts…PLEASE let me know via email; two people left me papers, but I suspect there may be other parts still missing.

Also, if you did not get a folder of music…tenors, Susan is preparing yours (THANK YOU) PLEASE, email me so that I make sure I have it for next Wednesday.

Coming next week J

  • Cecelia

  • Rights of our Nation

  • Secret Passage

Love ya guys…so thrilled to be back with you for our sixth season J

The BWW website is live and we have a Members Only section that will allow you to access information specific to our rehearsals, songs, concerts etc.

In order to access the members section you must sign up on the website. The sign up will only be available to those registered in BWW and/or Beginner Adult sessions. An email will be sent out inviting each member to sign up which will then give them access to the website. In order to send this email, we will need to use the email address list for current members to create an invitation email to the website. The email will not be used for other communication unless you specifically subscribe to a notification feed on the site or for important BWW and/or Beginner Adult related communication. Announcements and information about rehearsals, concerts and pertinent topics will be posted on the site therefore alleviating weekly email blasts.

If anyone has an objection please respond to me so that I do not send your email to Thano to send the invite. Please only respond if you object, otherwise expect to receive an invitation to sign up to the website. Thank you for your patience and consideration as we try out new ways of communicating with members in efforts make it as efficient and user friendly as possible.

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